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Google’s At It Again…

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Google is always evolving and as a result, we’re always learning so we can keep up. Well, now Google has created a new feature that may have PR professionals left in the darkness. According to Michael Sebastian’s article, “3 Ways to Prepare for the Changes to Google Search .” Google’s revamped “search results, and the changes will likely affect brands.” Now when users search for certain things, the direct answer will show up on the search results page. The new search method is aimed to keep more people on Google’s page rather than sending them to other pages.

So how can PR professionals and their brands survive the change? Follow the three tips from Nick Papagiannis, director of interactive/search at Cramer-Krasselt, below:

1)      Start monitoring search results more closely. Brands should keep a constant eye on where their brand shows up in the search  results. This is important to monitor because Google’s information may begin to crowd out the official websites of brands.

2)      Consider investing more money in paid searches. Paid searches are the results at the side or top of a Google results page. Papagiannis said companies may want to invest more in this component of their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

3)      Use the changes as an impetus to build a dedicated search team. The best way to monitor these changes is with a dedicated search team. If the new Google results kick out negative information about a client, or push websites further down the page, this team can respond quickly.

While no word has been said about when the changes will take place, at least now you have a starting point.

So what does this say about Google and their ‘neutral search engine’ title? Is it greedy for Google to want just a little more love?

Let me know!


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3 thoughts on “Google’s At It Again…

  1. Hey Cherese!

    What an interesting post! I didn’t know that Google was going to do this! I don’t really like the idea….I see where Google is coming from and I do understand that they want to have users stay on their page longer but I feel like they’re trying to be too much of an Internet superpower. If this new change goes into effect, Google will have to retire their “neutral search engine” title….

  2. I do not think Google needs a little bit more love. They get a lot of love. I just think they trying to do a better job of getting what they have to offer out there. Like how many people really use google docs, maps, mail, calendars, etc? Obviously not enough. I do however think that changing the way that we see our search results is not a good idea. The reason why Google is so popular is because it is genuwinly a good search engine. When we as the consumer have to sift through everything Google puts out there about themselves to find what I’m really looking for, I will become frustrated. I will perhaps move on to another search engine. Bing perhaps? I understand that Google wants more people using their products, my answer to that would be invest in a Superbowl commercial. They have enough money.


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    Understanding how to use Google Search properly is crucial for managing any company’s brand. So, how are PR professionals preparing for the future changes to Google Search? Read this blog post from our Chapter President Cherese Colston to find out!

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