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Who Run the World? Women!

I have to say, I was really excited to find this blog. It’s one of the first blogs I began following after I created my own blog. I came across it while doing research on a product and I just loved the content. The womeninpr blog was created to help empower women practitioners in the field. They offer plenty of resources for people just starting their career and even some resources for those with experience. As a young woman looking to break into the field, this blog serves as a nice ‘starter up’ manual. The blog doesn’t clearly state who the creators are, but looking around the site you can see that several women contribute to the discussion. The two that stand out to me are the Wright sisters, owners of YES Productions & Concierge, and Danita King, principal and founder or PR Noir. The Wrights and King all seem pretty established, but they also make the point that they are continuously learning and growing in the field. I think it’s this reason why the information on this blog is so relevant to people who may just be starting out.

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In Chapter 4 of “Engage!”, Brian Solis said that a, “blog is your hub for demonstrating expertise, sharing vision…and hosting dialogues to further the company’s values and principles.” He went on to say, “It requires continuity, cadence, and a voice that readers can connect with.”  I think this blog is a great example of that. Womeninpr is updated 2-3 times every two days, which is surprising to me compared to other blogs I’ve seen. It’s a great routine that I think users have come to appreciate.  Sometimes they are written by one of the women in PR and other times they’re written by guest bloggers like Abbi Whitaker, president and founder of Abbi Public Relations. The topics range from general PR topics like the Jan. 31 post of, “10 Ways to Build Strong Relationships with Bloggers and Reporters,” to various entertainment PR topics such as the Feb. 10 post of, “How to Begin a Career in the Entertainment Industry.” The topics are pretty relevant and will still be when I begin my career, so the information is very helpful.

A majority of the topics posted in the last week have dealt with the entertainment industry and working as a publicist, which is probably why I like the blog so much. I would like to work in entertainment PR, so it’s awesome to read insightful blogs from people who know the field.  Another great thing about the blog, is that the posts are pretty conversational. An example of a conversation blog I read is the Feb. 3 blog post, “Celebrity Representation.” The author talks about the top celebrities they would and wouldn’t want to represent. They used their own commentary which made it seem like you were just having a conversation with a friend. Even if you’re not looking to work in entertainment, the wide variety of topics can still be useful to any PR student or newcomer. Solis says, “The best corporate blogs are genuine and designed to help people.” I think this blog does a good job of helping and being genuine with its relevant and conversational content.

With such regular updates, I was happy to find that they had an archive at the bottom of the page. There was also a calendar that highlighted days that blogs were posted as well as a ‘recent posts’ section. It makes it very easy for people new to the site to navigate to earlier posts. They also have their Twitter and Facebook feed along the sides of the page to keep readers updated on all fronts. I also loved that the blog had a links page. The links included press release distribution sites, related blogs, among other cool resources to know about.

Engagement wise, the blog does a pretty good job of responding to commenters. Even the guest bloggers respond in the comments, so that’s nice. Overall, I think the blog is a good resource for students in PR, especially those going into the entertainment industry.


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