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I’m Ready to “Engage”

Let me begin this post by stating the obvious. Social media is no joke and Brian Solis, author of “Engage,” does a great job explaining why. Within the first couple of chapters I realized just how much I have to learn about this tool and Solis says as much in Chapter 3. It’s a continuous learning process and you have to be ready to go with it because if you don’t, you get left behind. In relation to jumping on board the ‘new media’ train, Solis mentions just joining a network is ‘child’s play.’ You have to know how to use it for your advantage or you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment. You MUST put in the work!

A major point Solis made is that once you begin participating and interacting with your audience, your organization becomes more humanized. Solis said, “People don’t participate in conversations with brands: they converse with the people who are the ambassadors of the brands.” More companies are getting rid of the automated recordings and actually having representatives communicate one-on-one with the consumers. This is where you begin to form the relationships or the build the bridges between the organization and its publics, which is something Solis brings up a lot. The public feels like they’re being heard and the fact that you’re taking time out to respond or converse with them shows that you care. Continued participation can lead to trust, loyalty and long-term relationships, which should be one of the company’s main goals.

At one point Solis stated that social media is “an opportunity and a privilege.” I never really thought of it that way, but it makes sense. It relates back to the ‘child’s play’ concept that anyone can join without having a purpose. Social media is such a powerful tool and can really open up several new opportunities for companies to expand their reach or improve their product. It’s definitely not something companies should abuse.

Chapter 3 was a great chapter and I was able to take a lot from it. It’s definitely got me excited to read the rest of the book!


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2 thoughts on “I’m Ready to “Engage”

  1. You’re right, Cherese! A company has to put in the time and effort to be successful in social media. When they do put a serious effort into it, the organization will be rewarded with the trust and loyalty of their public. They’ll have opened a very valuable two-way conversation between them and their public. It’s a great tool to utilize and when done properly, social media can help spread company awareness, loyalty and respect. Isn’t that why companies started using social media in the first place? 🙂

  2. Cherese!
    I enjoyed reading the post and comparing and contrasting it to mine. I found that we went in two totally different routes. That is fine with me! I love the point you make about making a brand more humanized. You do feel important if you have a problem with a product and you call customer service and a human picks up the phone. You do feel like the company really cares about you when you tweet at them and they tweet you back. The powerful thing about social media and why it is a privilege to me is because it gives me a voice that I didn’t have before. And companies have to listen and if they don’t they can easily get lost in the masses. Good post.


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